Recurring Billing

The Payment Express Recurring Billing software enables any business to automate their credit card billing cycle using a number of PCI DSS compliant options, which are both secure and easy to use. Depending on the businesses' software environment, we can provide a range of software based solutions to take the work and risk out of receiving regular credit card payments.

  • Automate recurring transactions quickly, simply and securely
  • Eliminates the need to store sensitive credit card data
  • PCI DSS compliant storage of credit cards

Payment Express have four options for Recurring Billing:


Real-time processing of all transactions with instant response
Single or multiple concurrent payments
Ad-hoc or scheduled payments
XML interface for easy integration with business software
Supports tokenised payments for PCI compliance

Tokenised Payments

Payment Express store credit card information
Merchant stays out of scope of PCI DSS requirements
Supported by all of our payment solutions
No security risk for merchant to perform recurring billing

Tokenised Payments

Single file upload
Bulk processing of multiple transactions
Simple CSV file format
Inbuilt logic to process transactions to multiple accounts
Supports tokenised payments for PCI compliance

Tokenised Payments

Set and forget automatic payment schedules
Configurable billing cycles
Supports tokenised payments for PCI compliance
FREE - If you're an existing Payment Express customer and would like this setup please email with a request to turn this feature on.