PX EFTPOS Response Codes

The client application should not interpret the ReCo property contents - it is provided as information only.

Error Code Explanation
A1 Cannot read Card
A2 Invalid Slot
A3 AutoLogon Failed TX
A4 AutoLogon Failed Timout
A5 AutoLogon Failed MAC
A6 AutoLogon Comms Error
A7 Cannot save terminal state
A8 Invalid ReceiptLineTerminator from POS
AC Invalid ReceiptLineTerminator from SysParam
AD Invalid ReceiptREset from SysParam
AE Invalid ReceiptSeparator from POS
AF Invalid ReceiptSeparator from SysParam
AG Invalid ReceiptEject from SysParam
AH Invalid ReceiptEject from SysParam
AI Select Account timeout
AJ GetPin timeout
AK Invalid cash out Amount
AL Invalid Amount
AM Invalid Amount - Too High
AN Zero amount transaction not allowed
AO Operator Cancel During Enter card
AP Operator Cancel During Manual PAN entry
AQ Operator Cancel During Select Account entry
AR Operator Cancel During PIN Entry
AS Invalid Amount - Cash out for purchase only
AT Terminal parameters not set
AU Card Read error
AV MAC VAlidation Error
AX Message Validation Error
AY Invalid Response Code
AZ Invalid field48
B0 AmountPurchase or AmountCashOut not zero for Balance transaction
B1 AmountCreditLimit Invalid
B2 Invalid Card - is loyalty card not purchase card
BA Operator Cancel During Select Currency (DCC only) entry
BB SelectCurrency timeout
BC Invalid CurrencyRate
BD CurrencyId
BE CurrencyId Not Valid
BF Init terminal 2
BG EnableCurrencyConversion Not Allowed
BH CurrencyRate longer than 7 digits including decimal place
BI Invalid Date
E0 EMV Download completed
E1 App Blocked
E2 TxnRef Error / Trnasaction not found
E3 No offline Pin support
E4 DCC CurrencyId invalid
E5 DCC AcquirerId Invalid
E6 DCC CurrencyRate Invalid
E7 EMV card removed
E8 ICC Declined
F0 Please log on - offline transactions not allowed
F1 Offline exceeded - either num transactions or offline duration
F2 Invalid offline transaction (not purchase only)
F3 Declined offer to process offline
F4 Offline over purchase limit / Tip limit exceeded
F5 Offline transaction already stored for this card
F6 Only signature supported
F7 Timeout waiting for merchant to allow offline transaction
F8 Timeout waiting for merchant to allow excess offline amount
F9 Timeout waiting for PIN Pad MAC Generate
U9 Timeout for Transaction
UA Power Fail
UB Auto Logon timeout during transaction
UC Timeout for reversal (CANNOT PROCESS)
UD Auto Logon Failed
Z1 Link Down
Z2 Busy
Z3 MacGen Error
Z4 Printer Offline or error
Z5 Busy - PINPad Offline
Z6 Busy - Auto logon in progress
Z7 Busy - EMV file in progress
Z9 Signature Declined
ZA Sign Receipt (PINPad)
ZB PINPad not initialized
ZC Card Reader Error
ZD PINPad offline
ZE PINPad Back Online
ZF No unit selected
ZG Unknown command
ZH Service Shutdown
ZI PC Shutdown
ZJ System Startup
ZK System Startup but PIN Pad Offline
ZL PIN Pad serial Swapout - serial number changed